Coastal Pole Maintenance

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About the Industry

North American utility companies have invested billions of dollars designing and constructing a complex infrastructure to distribute electricity and telecommunications. The majority of these networks are supported by wooden poles, a cheap, renewable and readily available resource.  The existence of wood-destroying organisms (such as fungi, rot or insects) is a very real threat to the electrical system.  Therefore, it is of paramount importance that wood poles undergo scheduled maintenance to target structural failure and defective hardware. 

There are many variations of test and treat programs for wood poles, but they all share the same common objectives; extending service life of existing assets and removing rejected poles. 

Coastal Pole Maintenance inspectors have tested over 140,000 poles with greater than 32 years of combined experience.  Our operations have had exposure to test and treat programs in three provinces under five different utility companies.  All of our inspectors are certified in pesticide application, transportation of dangerous goods, first aid, transportation endorsement and ATV operations. 

Ask us for information on the most effective treatment methods for your program.  Every pole is both unique and integral to the effectiveness of the system, and should be treated accordingly. 

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