Coastal Pole Maintenance

Hard Work.Accountability. Commitment.

Certified Inspectors

Spencer Nicholson- President/CEO

Spencer began as an apprentice in 2008 working under Fortis Alberta.  After earning his certification for Fortis, Spencer continued his test and treat inspection training in both BC and Saskatchewan.  Spencer has been testing poles ever since, primarily in British Columbia.  He has recently taken on additional duties as a field manager for pole inspection with a major utility and does consulting for companies doing utility asset maintenance projects in Test and Treat.

Greg Anuik- Vice-President

Greg started in the industry in 2008 as an apprentice in Alberta.  After completing training for Fortis Alberta, Greg earned certification in Saskatchewan for SaskPower and in BC for BC Hydro and BC Transmission.  Greg has experience in projects which required helicopter and boat access.  Still a valuable member of Coastal, Greg now brings additional knowledge as a Power Line Technician working for a major utility in Canada.

Nick Halstrom- Operations Manager/Safety Officer

Nick became an apprentice in Alberta in 2008.  He completed his training in Alberta for Fortis Alberta later that year.  He has worked in many areas of the province of Alberta and British Columbia, acquiring a wealth of knowledge of Fortis Alberta's test and treat program. Nick manages and oversees all contractors doing Test and Treat for Coastal Pole Maintenance, and is also in the process of obtaining the certificate to be a COR safety auditor.

Tyler Robertson- Applicator

Tyler started his pole testing career with Coastal Pole Maintenance at the start of their inaugural season(2013) and had excelled while an apprentice in his first year. Tyler has shown great work ethic and knowledge towards the Test and Treat industry from day 1 and is always willing to provide guidance for new apprentices within Coastal. Tyler is the longest standing applicator for Coastal Pole and has always been a valuable part of who we are and what we do.

Cody Gardiner- Applicator

Cody has been working in the pole maintenance industry for more than a decade. His extensive test and treat experience from multiple different provinces is an invaluable asset to the Coastal Pole team. He joined Coastal in the spring of 2017 and has provided consistent quality and production since.

Jeremy Craig- Applicator

Jeremy began his career in power pole maintenance in 2014, and we are proud to say he is now on his 4th year working with us. Jeremy has gained a great understanding and knowledge of the job in the 5 years he has been a part of the industry. His competency as an applicator has allowed Jeremy to mentor and teach other hopeful apprentices.

Carson Currie- Applicator

Carson started doing power pole maintenance in the spring of 2015. He then became a part of Coastal Pole the following year. Carson has displayed an ability to perform the job at a high level from early on. Carson seems to always be able improve in some capacity year after year. Along with Carson’s pole maintenance skills/know-how, he is the unofficial crew mechanic, always happy to help with wrench in hand.