Coastal Pole Maintenance

Hard Work.Accountability. Commitment.

Certified Inspectors

Jamie Beaton- Applicator

Jamie began his apprenticeship in April of 2013 with Coastal Pole Maintenance. All his time working has been in the province of Alberta. He is fully licensed and certified to inspect poles for Fortis Alberta. 

Brandon Stewart- Apprentice

Brandon started his apprenticeship with Coastal Pole in the summer of 2018. He was trained directly by fellow applicator Jeremy Craig, where he quickly learned the ins and outs of power pole maintenance. Brandon excelled in this capacity and passed our applicator exam handily. Brandon will write the Fortis Alberta certification exam and upon a passing grade on that test, he will begin his career as a certified applicator.

Dakota Haarstead- Applicator

Dakota was hired on as a helper in 2018 by Nick Halstrom. It was evident very early that Dakota had a work ethic matched by very few. He was moved from helper to apprentice in a short period of time. Trained directly under Nick Halstrom, Dakota took pole maintenance as a career very sriously. He passed the Coastal Pole applicator exam that year and then passed the Fortis Alberta applicator exam in 2019.